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Travel Booking Systems(TBS)

Search Hotels by Destinations.

Check Hotel Availability and Rates.

Rooms Booking facility.

Customized Package Builder.

Car API Integration.

Insurance API Integration.

Get Booking Confirmation and Details.

Secured Payment Methods.

Update and Cancel Bookings.

Access Our Hotel API.

Health Care Systems(HCS)

Maintain details of Doctors, Chemists, Institution and Products.

Purchasing and Selling details.

Provide Email facilities for Doctors and Patients.

Provide Security features and User privileges as well as Backups.

Generating various accurate reports that need for business.

We can fully customize your requirement based on our fully functioning HCS.

Customized Shopping Cart Systems(CSCS)

Customizing Opencart and Shopify instances.

Product and Supplier customizations.

Delivery Customizations.

Payment Gateway Integration.

Email Notifications.

Promotions and Discounts.

Online Scheduling Systems(OSS)

Customized Schedule Calender.

Customized Schedule Patterns.

Setting Time Slots.

Appointment Booking.

Message and Email Notifications.

User Registration.

Easy access code registration.

Customized Reports.

Automobile Managment Systems(AMS)

Automobile products/services portals.

Quotations,Service/Sales Invoices and Purchase Orders.

Purchasing and Selling details.

Automobile History and SMS facilities.

Stock Control and Categorization.

Security features and User privileges as well as Backups.